"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." - Dalai Lama
"When you don't get love, learn to love yourself more!" - Avijeet Das

I specialize in helping adults improve their wellbeing, communication, relationships and get anxiety relief. Offering modern talk therapy, meditation, and compassion focused approaches while sharing the latest brain-body research.

Improve Relationship with Self and Others

  • set boundaries and create habits around what matters to you
  • improve trust in your capabilities
  • focus on your strengths
  • improve self awareness and perspective taking

Anxiety Relief

  • Develop a compassionate perspective towards your struggles and situation 
  • Identify thinking patterns leading to self-doubt, indecisiveness, and catastrophizing
  • Label physical sensations: heart racing, tightness in stomach or chest, dizziness, sweaty palms, jitters, etc.
  • Notice thinking errors such as jumping to conclusions, all or nothing thinking, mindreading, fortune-telling, emotional reasoning, etc.
  • Use deep breathing, physical exercise, and focused attention to help manage symptoms

Communication Skills including Assertiveness

  • speak more directly
  • improve listening skills 
  • identify assumptions and possible alternative explanations for behavior 
  • get clear on your needs and ask for what you want
  • stand up for yourself in personal and professional relationships
  • tolerate the discomfort of disagreeing with others

Learn a Mindful Approach to Living

  • slow down the fast pace of life
  • experience a greater sense of inner calm and balance.
  • improve self-soothing skills and sense of competence

Transitions in Relationship, Career, and Health

  • Relationship Transitions: dating, engagement, marriage, parenting, break-ups, and divorce
  • Career Transitions: entry to work, career changes, side gigs, move to self-employment or small business development, and retirement 
  • Health Transitions: intense moods, chronic pain, illness, and death