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Therapy for Entrepreneurs

The question I often hear from entrepreneurs is how long will therapy take?

An understandable question because time and attention are valuable resources. The honest answer is, it depends. Not the most satisfying answer but each person's unique situation, level of awareness, willingness to make changes, and commitment to the process varies.

Many entrepreneurs seeking therapy go for 3 to 12 weeks, dedicating time and effort to working on a specific situation causing them distress. The focus is on a problem, such as adjusting to a personal or professional life change or conflictual relationship leaving a person feeling depleted, distracted, and possibly disconnected from others. When working for oneself energy levels, concentration, and performance abilities are critical. Once entrepreneurs have a greater understanding of their situation, a plan for how to move forward, and support during the change process treatment is usually complete.  In these cases, think of therapy, the way you might think about visiting a doctor for a physical ailment, you go only for as long as you are dealing with a specific problem.  Once you have worked out a plan for managing it, you may check-in occasionally, but you only return if a new problem emerges.

Other times, new problems arise during treatment which extends the time in therapy, to allow for additional attention and support while facing the more recent challenges. There are also times when treatment takes much longer, often this will be the case for individuals who experienced adverse childhood experiences such as abuse, neglect, and/or household dysfunction. Research shows the more childhood adversity a child encountered the more likely this individual will struggle with physical and mental health issues as an adult.

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What does therapy offer entrepreneurs?
Business owners reflect on situations they are struggling with, get help managing difficult emotions, and improve problem-solving skills while in therapy.

What is the cost?
$150 per visit

If you have any questions about therapy or would like to set up a free phone consultation I can be reached at aviva@authenticvida.com or 646-207-6494