"It is what a man thinks of himself that really determines his fate." - Henry David Thoreau
“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I specialize in developing resilience, treating anxiety, and teaching mindfulness.

Resiliency is having an ability to recover from or adjust to misfortune or change. There are many ways to improve resiliency, including: 

  • taking small steps towards realistic goals
  • pursuing opportunities for self-discovery 
  • accepting that change is a part of life 
  • delaying gratification 
  • breaking down your problem into small manageable parts
  • maintaining a hopeful outlook
  • practicing mindfulness 
  • connecting with friends, family, community members 

Suffering from anxiety may include some or all of the following experiences: 

  • second guessing oneself 
  • indecisiveness 
  • excessive worry 
  • rumination 
  • physical symptoms: heart racing, tightness in stomach or chest, dizziness, sweaty palms, jitters
  • catastrophisizing about the future 
  • acting impulsively 

"Mindfulness is the awareness and the approach to life that arises from paying attention on purpose, fully present, with curiosity and kindness." - Ed Halliwell  
  • If you are interested in slowing down the fast pace of life, I can teach you how to use mindfulness and the latest brain research to improve your mood, increase your concentration, decrease anxiety, and feel recharged.  
  • Living more mindfully leads to a greater sense of inner calm and balance.
  • By incorporating mindfulness and other aspects of wellness, therapy can have a positive impact on your emotional and physical health.
Other specialties include:

• Relationship Transitions: from dating, engagement, and marriage, to ambivalence, arguing, break-ups, and divorce
• New Lifestyle: moving, becoming a parent, career change, retirement
• Coping with illness, chronic pain, and/or intense moods
• Dealing with Loss:  the loss of a loved one, loss of identity, any significant change/loss
•“Feeling Different,” family, culture, race, sexual preference, gender and/or due to a disability